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 Google is launching a confidential new search feature that provides links to song previews directly from search results.
 This means that whenever a fan uses Google to look for an artist or album, and eventually songs and even lyrics, the FIRST result will now be a thumbnail picture of the artist/album and links to preview the song.
 The song previews will be provided by iLike and LaLa.

 The new Google search results, when combined with iLike’s and LaLa’s offerings, will provide music fans with a new and easier way to search, discover and buy music, without having to leave the browser and from the comfort of their familiar search engine.
 When searching for music, fans will be exposed to multi-media results – they will see the artist/album and be able to preview the song.
 The music industry will benefit from enormous amounts traffic to legitimate online music sites and the resulting commercial opportunities
 This new commerce stream and prominent visibility on Google will be incredibly meaningful for artists as well.


 Endorsement: Artist to offer a written statement for use in press releases.
 Rights: The artist’s name and likeness will be used in marketing and PR materials.
 Content: The artist will provide compelling new material (such as a not-yet-released song) for exclusive distribution via Google’s new music feature for a 2 week period. The material will be prominently promoted providing an excellent opportunity to help fans discover and consume a new single, album, video or project.
 Promotion: Co-promotion through existing artist channels (e.g., twitter, facebook,…...

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