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Digital Technology

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Christina Finau
Ms. Shevon Matai
English 151
31 March 2011
Digital Technology What is Digital Technology? Digital technologies are tools which utilize a discrete method to convey information, such as letters or numbers. Its alternative is analog which utilizes a continuous method to convey information “”. According to the 3rd edition of understanding technology pg.2, “Digital technologies permeate our daily lives”. High-definition televisions (HDTV’s) display amazingly clear and colorful images of sports events, reality TV shows, and other popular programs. Electronic coffeemakers, digital alarm clocks, and cell phones quicken and simplify daily routines. Automobile manufacturers use computerized robots to build cars and trucks. Those are just some examples of digital technology, but how does it affect our daily lives? Growing up in a Samoan cultural community, there were not that many technologies around. I mean, back then there was no electric stove. Men and women would prepare food in the umu “An umu is the traditional method used by Samoan’s for cooking food. A fire is built and stones placed on it. When the fire is down to the embers green bananas, breadfruit, taro, fish, and lu’au are placed on the stones. When everything to be cooked has been placed on the umu, it is covered with banana fronds and left to cook “samoasention”. It was really hard and difficult back then. Now technology has provided us with electric stove for baking and cooking. It has made life a lot easier then it was before. I think the only time I see men doing umu is on special occasions. When I was about 7, my family and I use to get together every Sunday evening and talk stories, or if mother wants something from our neighbor next door she would ask me to go ask or she will just yell across to our neighbors. Now we hardly do that. I miss how people use to...

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