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Digital Tools for Time Management

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Digital Tools for Time Management
Juan Gonzalez
Network System Administration
ITT Technical Institute
Ms. B 04/18/2016

Time management is very important to be able to have a schedule and a time for everything. If there were easier ways to keep track of time or look up information faster to save time that would be by using digital tools. One digital tool that pretty much is very common is Google. Another common digital tool that is used a lot would be youtube, it is a very popular site for video content like music videos, tutorials, etc. Another form of digital tools is Wikipedia. These three digital tools that I have mentioned are a few of the most common tools used today.

There are very many search engines out there, but there is definitely one that in my opinion trumps them all, and that is Google Search. Google Search is also already programmed into the address bar on your smart phones, so when you have to do a search, it is as easy as just using the address bar to type the information you are searching for and it automatically takes you to Google Search. It has helped a lot when it comes to time management, to find the information need to write that paper can be easily found at just a click of a button and just like that you have found all the information needed to write that paper. You can input addresses and it can easily give directions to your destination. Google Search has become pretty much a one stop shop for all you’re searching.

How can we forget Youtube. Easy access to videos, most of the time any video that you are searching for is usually always found on youtube. It is great innovative way to look for videos from commercials, tutorials, documentaries, and even education videos. It helps when needing a visual on certain criteria. Youtube has established itself as the leading source in searching for videos at your fingertips and...

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