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Dance Show Critique assignment:

Assignment: Write a critique on a dance show you have seen or watch online. This will help you learn how to observe and critique dance, discover how dance emotionally effects you, foster dance appreciation, conjure critical thinking, and will teach you how to provide evidence to support your statements.

-You may only critique TWO dances!
- You may only critique professional dance companies. (Companies that have adults and are either non-profit or the dancers are paid to dance.)
-This- is- an- essay! Do not treat this assignment as a journal or a worksheet! It-is-an-essay!
-You must type your essay!
-You must turn it in ON TIME! I will not accept late papers later than 1 week. Each day your paper is late, 5 points will be taken from your grade.

Here are some local dance companies that have performances online:

-Unity Dance Ensemble at: or find “Unity Dance Ensemble” on Facebook.
Unity Dance Ensemble is a jazz dance company.
-Culture Shock Dance Troupe at: or find “Culture Shock Dance Troupe” on Facebook.
Culture Shock Dance Troupe is a hip-hop company.
-Malashock Dance at:
Malashock Dance is a contemporary company.
-Jean Isaacs San Diego Dance Theatre at: (click on a video)
Jean Isaacs is a modern/contemporary company.

****These are only suggestions. You can watch other dance online of your choice. You must watch at least two dances and write about them with the criteria below. Remember this is not a worksheet. It is an essay and needs to have an introduction, two body paragraphs, and conclusion.

Essay Layout:
Introduction: talk about the show, how you felt about it, and the dances you will be critiquing. Last sentence should be your thesis (the main point or purpose why you are writing your paper).
Body paragraph: Introduce the dance title and your main point or opinion about it. Back it up with evidence. (Ex: The “Road to Omaha” dance was dull and unexciting because the dancers had terrible technique and looked sleepy while performing….) End with a summarizing sentence.
Body paragraph: Same as above but with the next dance you are critiquing.
Conclusion: Begin this with your main point about the two dances you saw. Back it up with summarizing sentences from previous body paragraphs. The ending sentence should include your final thoughts or feelings about the dance show and whether you would go to see that dance troupe in the future.

Dance Critique Guidelines:

1. Get the facts: Include at least 3 pieces of information about the piece that is available to you at the time.
- title of dance -choreographer
-dancers’ names
-set designer
-style of dance
-what the movement looked like
-dancers emotions
-storyline or theme
-costume and set design -title of song danced to

2. Brainstorm: organize your ideas ahead of time to keep your paper focused.
3. Create a thesis statement: Out of the two dances you focus on: What interested you most? What did the dance make you feel? What was your interpretation of the dance?
4. Create an outline of your paper! This will be turned in!
5. Write in the first person: "I felt," "I saw," "this meant to me…" Don’t pretend that you area journalist reporting on a story. I want you to only talk about your personal experience watching the dancing. Do your best to honestly offer your own perspective while recognizing that others will have equally valid and different opinions.

• Does the dance communicate to you? Remember that some dance pieces are not meant to be a story. Some are purely emotional or are there just because the music drives the dance. However, even in this case, it still may say something to YOU. It might make you think of a memory or a situation your have encountered. It might make you think of a dream you once had or a thought. If so, write that in your paper and describe why it made you think of that.
• Do not look for what you think the dance is "supposed" to mean, concentrate more on what it is to you. Remember, everyone has different interpretations of what a dance means to them. Keep your interpretations your own!
6. Support each comment with evidence from the dance!!!

Help with each paragraph:

• Introduction:
List the two dances that you watched.
Say what you felt about the first one, then the second.
Then list your thesis LAST!

Body paragraphs: (both one and then again for two)
Start by stating the dance title with your main point or idea of the whole paragraph. This should be your impression of the piece.
Mix in the information about the dance (choreographer, dancers, costumer, director…).
Follow by stating evidence directly from the dance that supports your main sentence.
Lastly, summarize your evidence you already provided and state how it all proves your statement you made at the beginning of the paragraph.

• Conclusion: 1. Summarize your evidence that you provided in your body paragraphs and how it proves your thesis statement. 2. Provide any last thoughts about the dances. 3. State if you would ever like to see that (those) dance company (companies) in the future.

Please Check for:
• Mistakes!:Make sure you proof- read your paper and revise—don’t just hand in the first draft. And please…. Use spell check!!! You will get docked points for poor grammar or words misspelled! More than two mistakes will result in the significant loss of points. You can hand in your work to me early for me to proof read if you wish.
• No general statements!: Be on the lookout for unsupportive general statements like, "This dance was very pleasing and beautiful to me. I liked it very much." When you see such an unsupported statement, ask yourself "why???" and then fill in the rest of the paragraph to explain your point.

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