Diminishing Values of Reality Television

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Diminishing Values of Reality Television
Karen Christy
ENG122: English Composition II
Sara Esquivia
May 5th, 2012

Reality television has set low standards for ourselves and our youth in society today, such as glorifying being sixteen and pregnant, how real housewives in the "city" act, and having toddlers look too grown up for their ages. There are still some good values in some programs but there seem to be more diminishing values in reality television shows. Reality television has distorted reality for our children in this society. The show Jersey Shore has little positive values in its episodes. The positive values that are portrayed for teens and young adults to pick up on are loyalty and family importance. Then we have the diminishing values of Jersey Shore. In the show you have a group of young adults who show no regard for caring about what they do to the insides of their bodies. Jersey Shore shows the group binge drinking, which leads to making out with complete strangers and then bringing random people back to the home. Jersey Shore has no talks on the show about using condoms, the different types of birth control out there, or the risks of catching a sexual transmitted disease. The girls run around on the show wearing almost next to nothing and calling it clothing, and the whole group portray sexual activity is no big deal. When teenagers and young adults see this they believe this as being okay for them to repeat. This is not the message we want our youth to learn. These are not values that we as a society want our children to become skilled at. We next have shows that promote teen sex and pregnancy, Teen Mom and Sixteen and Pregnant. These two shows do actually have some decent values for our youth. Teen Mom along with Sixteen and Pregnant show a realistic look at a variety of challenges that teens and young adults go…...

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