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Chapter 9:
Pair work:
Answer the following questions (You have 25 min for the first 4 questions)
What is Dr Lanyon´s reaction to the letter ? * He was surprised and he did not expected it * It was very formal in the way he wrote it, because the way the letter was written was in a mood of desperation * After reading it, he realized that he was insane What is the effect of keeping Dr Lanyon ignorant of the purpose of the request? * Loyalty. He tests Dr. Lanyon in a way, to see if he would do as what was told in the letter * “Despite the fact that we have differed on scientific matters in the past, you are one of my oldest friends, and that is why I am asking you to do a favor for me. It is a favor on which my honor rests. If you fail me, I am lost” * What price does Dr Lanyon have to pay for what Hyde calls "the greed of curiosity"? * He lost his faith in god after going through all this. * His curiosity brings him nearer the Satanism Find passages in the text which refer to the myth of the Fall of Man? *
What is the intention of this reference? What view of man does the text reflect?

(You have half an hour to answer the last questions as you have to read about the Victorian age online)

In what sense is it justified to interpret the text as a study of the hypocrisy and doubleness of the age in which it was written? (To answer this question, you may look up information on the Victorian Age on your own).

Discuss the following statements:
" The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde is a study of hypocrisy as encompassed by Jekyll and Hyde".
"It is one of the best guidebooks of the Victorian times, because of its piercing description of the fundamental dichotomy of the 19th century outward respectability and inward lust". (from:"", page…...

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