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The Mozambican Dinner Party The Canadian government is interested exploring and developing trade options with Mozambique and have invited a delegation of Mozambicans to visit Canada for a few days. The delegations consist of government officials and representatives from business in the areas of finance, tourism, and commodities. On the eve of the arrival the Canadian delegation hosts a dinner party to welcome the Moroccan delegation. The dinner was not a success. Both the Mozambicans and the Canadians remained relatively uneasy throughout the meal. During the dinner, no welcoming speeches or toasts to mutual health were made. At the end of the meal, the Mozambicans stood up, thanked the hosts, declined a ride back to their hotel, and left feeling slighted. The Canadians also felt upset. They found the departure of the Mozambicans to be very abrupt, yet they did not know what they had done wrong. Despite planning the menu carefully, providing excellent translation services, and extending normal Canadian courtesies, the Canadians knew something had gone wrong; they were worried and somewhat hurt by the lack of rapport. Please analyze the above situation and provide some insights as to what may have contributed to this unsuccessful encounter between the Canadians and the Mozambicans; the group from Mozambique. Use references from the course readings and other internet resources to provide context and back up your comments with reliable sources. FORMAT: Please only submit using the Workplace Conflict Workbook (can be found on the left-­‐hand toolbar under ‘Assignments’ and ‘Workplace Conflict’.

All assignments MUST be submitted in the Assignment Dropbox (see announcement earlier this term explaining how to do this if you are not sure how).

There will be a 10% deduction per day for late assignments. After 5 days, the assignment will no longer be accepted.

Please follow the marking rubric closely and complete all sections & use in-­‐ text citations in APA format to document sources.

MARKING RUBRIC Component Provide a general picture of the way a typical Canadian Businessman or Businesswoman would conduct business. Include in your description the following: Communication styles, Conversation, Relationship-­‐building techniques among other elements that affect business styles. Provide a general picture of the way a typical Mozambican businessman or businesswoman would conduct business. Include in your description the following: Communication styles, Conversation, Relationship-­‐building techniques among other elements that affect business styles. In your analysis as to why the dinner was not a success, choose SIX intercultural theories from the provided list to discuss.

Grade weight 10%


6X 10%

Complete each theory in 3 parts:

a. Define each theory in your own words (using research to back this up)

b. Classify both the Canadians and Mozambicans (e.g. are you Individualistic or Collectivistic? c. Apply this theory to the dinner party itself and explain how this theory could have influenced the outcome of the party

Choose from 6 theories* below:

1. Power Distance 2. Individualism/Collectivism 3. Masculinity/Femininity 4. Uncertainty Avoidance 5. Long-­‐Term vs. Short-­‐Term Orientation 6. High/Low context communication 7. Value Orientations Theory (Kluckhohn & Strodtbeck) 8.

Non-­‐Verbal Communication 9.

Verbal Communications (make sure to discuss verbal styles such as elaborate vs. succinct—this is NOT about simple language barrier and that will not be an acceptable answer here).

* If theories above are listed on the same line, they count as one theory and they must be done together (e.g. Individualism/Collectivism are two sides of one theory and must both be covered as one theory).

Conclusion: From the six theories you chose in the section above, pick 20% TWO main theories that caused the dinner to be unsuccessful & state why. Provide at least two concrete strategies per theory that would have improved the outcome.

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Optimum file size should be less than 7MB 3.
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