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First, this kind of advertisement will be mainly present in a special fashion or women magazine, or on a hoarding.
When we first see this picture, it looks simple. However, at the same time, when we look deeper, all details appear, such as the use of the gold color which represents the environment of the company (the luxury). This is one of the aspects that attract the reader’s attention. Moreover, the woman is watching straight up. The idea of lightness also appears when we see the woman moving slowly in the liquid (or).
The only text on the picture is the name of the brand, name of the product and the slogan.
The name of the brand, DIOR, is written in big letters and is on top of the advertisement.
Under the picture, it’s possible to see the complete name of the brand, and the name of the city where Dior is founded, in other words, Paris.
We also can underlign the fact that “J’adore” is written with letters which are dancing, like this it is even more attractive for the customers.
The text “Le féminin absolu” may expresses that this product is dedicated for women. People who are using this perfume are feminine, delicate, pure, and light. All these adjectives communicate a positive connotation.
The slogan “Dior J’adore”, also written in white, has a positive connotation. It refers to the happiness and the serenity. Moreover, we can say that the name of this product, J’adore, refers to love, loving the brand, loving yourself…
The link between the slogan and the picture: Women love all what is chic, luxurious and golden. The link between the text and the slogan: Women love to give a lot of importance to their feminity.

Description of the picture. The photography represents a young and thin woman. She has got long blond hair. She’s into an opaque and golden liquid. It looks like a golden swimming pool or source. Her face and her eyes are facing us but her chest is three quarter oriented. Her face is calm and peaceful. She looks in well health. The visible part of her body (from the head to the chest) shows that she’s only wearing a thin tissue as a bra. The woman is also wearing a very big and noticeable golden ring necklace. At the end of left arm, there is a massive bottle of perfume. It seems to be floating on the liquid, just in front of her. One of the woman’s fingers is slightly touching the bottle of perfume. His regard which is also looking straight up may show the tonus of the advertisement. Description of the colors and light:

The biggest contrast comes from the woman and the bottle of perfume. The color brown can show the seriousness and the reliability of the brand. The yellow also communicate on the self esteem and the creativity of Dior
All the tones are warm colors. The liquid into the bottle seems to be the same as into the “source”.
The light is bright and homogenous. Everything is soft, clear.
The only thing, which came out the picture, is the red lips of the woman. She’s wearing a strong red lipstick. It is an important contrast with the other colors. This touch increases the feminine aspect of the perfume. It represents “the most feminine act”.

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