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Direct Marketing Campaigns for Restaurants

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Forest Spirit Restaurant

Ahmed K. Abdel-Aziz Mohamed

Forest Spirit Restaurant
The drinks are served in quantities of ½, 1 or 2 liters! You‘ll be able to devour a XXL Sandwich (You can order ½ or ¼ portions) Or a lumberjack steak (Approx. 600 grams – just over 1¼ lb.) As a specialty, we offer you cola drink in a 4 liters’ glass.

Forest Spirit Restaurant
From the outside, Forest Spirit Restaurant seems to look like any traditional outdoors restaurant you have seen. But wait until you enter it and ask for the menu; you will be shock! Forest Spirit Restaurant is a restaurant where everything is huge. You will never get out from Forest Spirit Restaurant hungry.

Five years from now, Forest Spirit Restaurant will be the most popular restaurant in the Middle-East by consistently providing the combination of the largest meal, perfectly prepared and outstanding ‘friendly’ service that creates an extraordinary dining experience.

Building a Customer Relationship and loyalty.


Demographic Age (as illustrated in the graph)
Age range from under 18 to over 65.

Population By Age (6th-October area)
Under 18 18 -24 25 - 44 45 - 64 65 and Older

Education and job types
Highly Educated(University Graduated), Juniors and senior employee.

Marital status
Single , Empty nesters couples, Couples with young children.

Size of household
Small household (average: 4-members).

Dining out a lot. Fast food seekers.

Social class
Class B & C

6th-October Citizens, mainly (For our 1st Year). People from other areas in Egypt and the MENA.

Target market
Youth (Age average 18 – 44 years old). Middle class (class B) customers. Highly educated people. Empty nesters and singles.

Marketing strategies
The 1st year for Forest Spirit Restaurant Objective:...

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