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Director of Marketing Job Description

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Job Description – Director of Marketing
Job Title: Director of Marketing
Hiring Company: Signature Marketing Group
Reports to: President
Supervises: Staff of two
Environmental Conditions: None
Location: Langhorn, PA
Compensation: $88,000 - $95,000
Functions: Accomplishes business development activities by researching and developing marketing opportunities and plans; implementing sales plans; managing staff.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Financial * Supervise accounting staff. * Maintain payroll records and work with payroll company to ensure timely and accurate employee payrolls and payment of required payroll taxes. * Administer employee benefit programs, including enrollment of new employees, and review of insurance company invoices to ensure accuracy. * Administer 401(k) program, including enrollment of new employees, preparation of contribution summaries, etc. * Perform bank account reconciliations. * Develop annual, quarterly, and monthly budgets with the President and maintain appropriate budgetary controls. * Prepare all applicable budget reports and financial statements on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis. * Administer commissioned sales staff results, including margin analysis.

Information Technology * Supervise IT staff. * Manage facilities: voice communications, data network, other equipment. * Supervise design of hardware and software systems to assist in the smooth and efficient flow of information. * Manage the development of the SMG corporate web site and SMG company intranet. * Recommend and develop plans for systems development and operations, hardware and software purchases, budget, and staffing. * Develop, implement, and monitor management information systems policies and controls to ensure data accuracy, security, and legal and regulatory compliance. *...

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