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Disadvantages of Electronic Cards

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Disadvantages Electronic card at highway
Actually electronic cards at highway there are many advantages to users and government but there are some disadvantages of electronic card at the highway. The first disadvantage of an electronic card at highway is will enhance the national unemployment rate. This is because, when all the highway using this card electronic system it will close a number of jobs for the community. People can no longer work in the cash portion of the highway. when the national unemployment rises, it will lower living standards. The living standards of the population in a country is measured by per capita income. When there is a lot of unemployed labor, the gross national product will decline and so will reduce income per capita. When the low per capita income, the standard of living of the population will also be low. Unemployment may also increase levels of poverty. High unemployment levels will enhance poverty in the country. The Government had initiated several programs to overcome poverty. This will affect the government's efforts to develop the country.
In addition, the disadvantages of electronic card on the highway is lead the way into a jams because when the electronic card is damaged or not working it will make a problem to highway user. When jams occurs it would delay our journey to a destination and make it difficult for us to do business outside of your home or office. If government want using the electronic card at highway and eliminate cash lanes on the highway it will make difficult for highway users if the electronic card has run out of money. then people will not be able to follow the highway because of wooden guardrails was not opened and they had to find a place to reload this electronic card.
Other disadvantage is electronic card may be stolen or lost. In the event that your card is stolen or lost, there is a possibility of unauthorized usage. You should notify TNGSB immediately and TNGSB will assist you in ceasing the account, as your card may still be used by any unauthorized third party. TNGSB shall not be liable for any unauthorized use of card.
Besides that, the electronic card provides losses to road users rarely use the highway. This is because the electronic card has its own validity period of the card. So, if people want to go on a long journey with use the highway, they had to buy the electronic card even if they rarely use it even the electronic card price is not cheap.
In the conclusion, government can do card electronic system on the highway but do not flushed cash lanes as to avoid unwanted things such as damaged or the card. The government can open one cash lanes in each toll station.

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