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Disadvantages Of Biometrics

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A computer based security went through part of varieties. A biometric system is very common identification system that perceives a person by deciding the Identification by utilizing his/her diverse organic features. This biometric innovation can overcome of the issues found in token-based Identification frameworks. Unpredictable natural mixes exhibit in the human body that have some uniqueness prompts recognize individual. E-Nose utilize sensor cluster and gas chromatography to remove highlight of stench and recognize specific individual by sniffing body odour. In this paper, I provide overview of the fundamentals of biometric identification utilizing Human Body Odour.

In past time we use token based identification. Use of card or key has several disadvantages such as can be lost,
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Voice layouts that called "Voiceprints" have acoustic highlights of discourse that have been found to contrast between people. Fig. (7): Voice

• Don’t need to worry about forget password.
• Safe and user friendly
• Error is minor in Biometrics.
• No further requirement for reset password because less chances of change in some part of our body like iris, finger print.
• Biometrics is fast and easy to use.
• It can’t be share.
I introduce one of the most Important Biometric trait is Human Body Odour.
Body Odour:

Volatile Organic compound leads to uniqueness of each person. The body odour biometrics is based on the fact that virtually each human smell is unique [15].
Human odour is a complex array of volatile chemicals. Human Body stench has low vapour presser and synthetically stable [15].Based on where they are originated from, human smell is into three normal classifications [17].

1. Skin (Sweat)
2. Oral (breath smell)
3. Excreta(urine)

Body skin is can arranged in two sorts

1. Dermis

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