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Disadvantages of Plagiarism

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A Tutorial

Using outside research sources Most writers who are asked to use outside research sources in their academic papers have problems at

one time or another with at least one of the following questions:

I’m lost!!

Common Questions

What is a citation?

Why do I need to cite?

What is a source?

What does it mean to quote, paraphrase, and summarize a source?

What is a citation style?

What does it mean to plagiarize?

Understanding why
Before learning what these words and phrases mean, it is important to understand why they are needed.

Why we need to cite sources
property is

the product

The reason that the citation (or listing) of outside sources in a paper is needed is that in the United States and many other

of one

countries, the concept of intellectual


property (property that is the product of


someone’s mind) is very important.

What is intellectual property?
Intellectual property is treated by the law in the same way as a new

Property of

mechanical invention would be.

Intellectual property is an original idea or information (usually stated in words and/or numbers) that is treated as the

property of its creator.

Whose idea is it anyway?
You must

This idea cannot be used by other another

identify the

writer without a statement telling the

words or

reader that the idea or information is the

ideas in your

product of someone else.

paper that are not your own. What is a citation?
The three most common citation styles are: -MLA


This statement to the reader, which needs to be included in the body of a paper as well as in a list at the end of a paper, is known as a citation, and

it takes a slightly different form...

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