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Disappearing Oill

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In our opinion we think that the possibility of Jamel short-changinng is high. We have indentified the fraud symptoms as below: 1. Unusual behaviour - Jamel’s body language
Unusual behaviour is seen through an individual's recognizable behaviour pattern to attempt to cope with the stress. The guilty leads to fear; fear leads to stress; and stress leads to behaviour changes. Research in psychology reveals that when a person, especially a first-time offender, commits a crime, he or she becomes engulfed by emotions of fear and guilt. Those emotions cause the individual to experience a significant amount of stress, and in order to cope with the stress, the individual will exhibit unusual and recognizable behaviour patterns. In this case, Jamel’s behaviour is very suspicious.
First, body language such as the facial expressions and body posture can show people emotion and thinking especially when someone is trying to lying to another. In the meeting between Jamel and Mat Jon, Jamel’s reaction and expressions make him to be suspicious that he is doing something wrong and trying intentionally to cover it up from others knowing, especially his Pak Long, Mat Jon.
We can see that Jamel looked very worry and nervous. He even trying hard to look confident, in order to not want his uncle to be monitoring the business closely and do not want his uncle to know what exactly happen in the business.
Moreover, when Mat Jon question to Jamel the problem that he found in the business, he do not trying to explain to Mat Jon, but he go immediately on the defensive by saying that he is struggling hard to monitor and checking everything. He even is rude to his uncle and stormed off from the meeting when he feels Mat Jon do not believe in him. Lying will make someone feel uncomfortable and become flustered and upset in order to cover up what he trying...

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