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Disaster Relief Manament

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Disaster Relief Management
The Good and Bad of Disaster Relief
Ceazare Kemp
Public Administration and Policy 311
Ms. Bastedo

Whether you are from Oklahoma or New Jersey, Florida, California, Texas, Haiti, Thailand or Japan; Mother Nature holds no punches when it comes to dishing out her forms of friendly storms. Natural disasters have made a major financial, physical and mental impact on the people of the world. When disaster strikes and people are forced out of there neighborhood and homes, people want to know that when something like this happens, there is someone there to have their back; a piece of mind. In 1979, the Federal Emergency Management Agency was formed to help with state and local governments within the United States and the International Association of Emergency Managers was formed to help state, federal and governments ensure that their people have peace of mind. Table of Contents

I. Introduction 3
II. Hurricane Katrina 4
III. Natural disasters in the United States 6
IV. Earthquake and tsunami in Japan 8
V. Natural disasters in the world 9
VI. Closing 11
VII. Reference 13

The environment is always changing and the people of the United States should always be aware of what could happen to them if they are not prepared for what Mother Nature do to their surroundings with no notice. There are several types of natural disasters that can maim and destroy communities and people lives. To name a few, they are hurricanes, tornadoes, typhoons, earthquakes, mudslides, flooding wildfires, tsunamis and volcanoes. Hurricanes are usually formed in the southern Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea or Gulf of Mexico. According to the Webster Dictionary, “hurricanes are a violent, tropical, cyclonic storm of the western North Atlantic, having wind...

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