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Disaster Risk Management In Namibia

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Your task will then be to explain this problem, then advise the decision maker on what you think would be the best economic methods to use and how they can be applied to value the resource/problem.
Disaster Risk Management (Floods and Drought) in the Cuvelai-Etosha Basin
Namibia is one of the driest country in the sub-Sahara Africa and most affected by drought and flooding. Around the globe about 3 billion people are living along coastal lines and in flood plains that makes them vulnerable to natural disasters such as floods and hurricanes (FERERENCE). One of the most flood prone areas in Namibia is the Cuvelai-Etosha Basin (CEB) in the North Central …show more content…
It is against this background that this assignment serves to examine the best economics methods to be used in flood management hence giving recommendation on how best these economics methods can be applied.

Economic theory and concept
The first thing to do to measure the benefits of flood risk reduction is to assess the risky associated with flood disasters (Goodstein, 2008:147). In this view it is important to understand the behaviour and frequency of occurrences of flooding for flood risk management (Gilau, et al 2011). Some of the risks associated with floods are;
- Health risk: Overflowing of sewage ponds pose a serious threat to increase cases of acute waterborne disease such as diarrhoea and cholera.
- Impact on education: Schools are either submerged or inaccessible thus affecting the children ability to …show more content…
2012. Scoping Report: Environmental Impact Assessment for the Proposed Mitigation Measures to be implemented for the Oshakati/Ongwediva area. Oshakati: Enviro Dynamics

IWRM Plan for CEB 2010
Goodstein, E.S. 2008. Economic and the Environment, 6th Edition
Marsh, A. and M. Seely, Eds. (1992). Oshana Sustaining People Environment and Development in
Central Owambo, Namibia. Windhoek, Desert Research Foundation of Namibia and SIDA.
Gilau, A M., Felix B. Dayo, F.B., Lijalem Z. Abraham, L.Z, & Mundia. L. 2001. Drought and Flooding Risk Assessment Tool for Gender Specific Decision-Making. Summary Report. Africa Adaptation Project

Roy Brouwer1, Sonia Aftab2, Luke Brander3 and Enamul Haque4. Economic valuation of flood risk exposure and flood control in a severely flood prone developing

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