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There are two types of disasters: Natural and Manmade or Human Induced Disasters. Disasters that occur due to abrupt changes in the earth systems and weather conditions are called as natural disasters. These disasters have further been classified into – Planetary and Extra-Planetary Disasters.
Disasters that occur on land and in atmosphere due to changes in earth systems or the geological conditions and atmosphere are called as Planetary Disasters. These disasters have further been classified into – Terrestrial and Atmospheric disasters.
Disasters that remain confined to land and bottoms of oceans are called as terrestrial disasters. Volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis, landslides and mine disasters are some examples of terrestrial disasters. Atmospheric disasters are caused due to atmospheric events. Tropical cyclones, droughts, floods etc. are some examples of atmospheric disasters. Disasters occurring due to collisions between the earth and space bodies or due to physical forces between them are called as extra-planetary disasters. High tide waves, hurricanes, landslides, movements of rocks, changes in sea level, biological extinctions etc. are examples of extra- planetary disasters.
Disasters that are caused due to human intervention in the natural processes or due to his activities related to development and war are called as man- made disasters. Occurrence of epidemics, nuclear hazards, industrial accidents, biological war fares, bioterrorism etc. are man- made or human induced disasters. In modern age, so many of the natural disasters like earthquakes etc. have become man- made disasters due to human activities of building mega dams and large scale developmental projects.
Management and Mitigation of Disasters
We know that disasters whether natural or man- made, are very dangerous and destructive. We just cannot do anything to stop a disaster,...

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