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Personalized Report for:
Based upon The Platinum Rule®
Model of Behavioral Styles
By Dr. Tony Alessandra

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Introduction to The DISC Platinum Rule Behavioral Style Assessment 3
PART I - UNDERSTANDING YOUR PERSONAL eGRAPH RESULTS - Your eGraph Results 8 - How to Read and Interpret Your eGraph 9 - Interpreting School Associate Observer Responses 10 - Interpreting Business Associate Observer Responses 11 - Interpreting The Entire Composite eGraph 12 - A Snapshot of Your Substyle 13 - Descriptions of the 16 Substyles 14
PART II - UNDERSTANDING YOUR STYLE AND INCREASING YOUR EFFECTIVENESS - An Overview of Your Primary Behavioral Style 16 - A Summary of the Dominance 18 - Dominances on the Job 19 - The Dominance’s Behavior and Needs under Stress 20 - How to Reduce Conflict 21 - Action Plans for Dominances 22
PART III - APPLICATION OF STYLES - Application of Behavioral Styles with Others 24 - The Four Basic Styles Overview Chart 25 - How to Identify another Person’s Style 26 - What is Behavioral Adaptability 29 - How to Modify Your Directness and Openness 30 - Tension among the Styles 31 - Action Plans for Others 34 - How to Adapt to the Different Behavioral Styles 35 DISC Platinum Rule Resources and References 40 Disclaimer 41

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Congratulations on completing the DISC Platinum Rule® Behavioral Style Assessment. Completing the Assessment could be one of the most important relationship building decisions you will ever make.

With your personalized and comprehensive DISC Platinum Rule® Behavioral Style Assessment, you have the tools to be successful. Your assessment will not only help you become a better you, it will help you behave more…...

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• This exercise was very enlightening, I have done the JUNG analysis or MBTI personality trait analysis but the result did not show how I needed to react or respond to other personality types especially in a work setting. Perhaps this will allow me to not be so stressed out when other personalities on a team are slow to take initiative, complete assignments, and give feedback. My DISC assessment stated that I was a Dominance I just thought I was eager and hardworking, I do not care for that term, it makes it seem like I am bossy and a know- it- all, which is definitely not the case. The people that I have difficult working are Interactive style traits, I tend to not focus on the individual but the job and in interactive styles they want personal compliments and you to support their feeling. I feel when a project or assignment is due I don’t have time to caudle you. With that is mind the ways that I can be less frustrated is:
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