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Personalized Report for:
Based upon The Platinum Rule®
Model of Behavioral Styles
By Dr. Tony Alessandra

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Introduction to The DISC Platinum Rule Behavioral Style Assessment 3
PART I - UNDERSTANDING YOUR PERSONAL eGRAPH RESULTS - Your eGraph Results 8 - How to Read and Interpret Your eGraph 9 - Interpreting School Associate Observer Responses 10 - Interpreting Business Associate Observer Responses 11 - Interpreting The Entire Composite eGraph 12 - A Snapshot of Your Substyle 13 - Descriptions of the 16 Substyles 14
PART II - UNDERSTANDING YOUR STYLE AND INCREASING YOUR EFFECTIVENESS - An Overview of Your Primary Behavioral Style 16 - A Summary of the Dominance 18 - Dominances on the Job 19 - The Dominance’s Behavior and Needs under Stress 20 - How to Reduce Conflict 21 - Action Plans for Dominances 22
PART III - APPLICATION OF STYLES - Application of Behavioral Styles with Others 24 - The Four Basic Styles Overview Chart 25 - How to Identify another Person’s Style 26 - What is Behavioral Adaptability 29 - How to Modify Your Directness and Openness 30 - Tension among the Styles 31 - Action Plans for Others 34 - How to Adapt to the Different Behavioral Styles 35 DISC Platinum Rule Resources and References 40 Disclaimer 41

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Congratulations on completing the DISC Platinum Rule® Behavioral Style Assessment. Completing the Assessment could be one of the most important relationship building decisions you will ever make.

With your personalized and comprehensive DISC Platinum Rule® Behavioral Style Assessment, you have the tools to be successful. Your assessment will not only help you become a better you, it will help you behave more...

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...Recommendations for all team members are based on the results from the "The DISC Platinum Rule Behavioral Style Assessment" that each team member completed. Developing includes several managerial practices that are used to increase a subordinate’s skills and facilitate job adjustment and career advancement. Key component behaviors include mentoring, coaching, and providing developmental opportunities. (Yukl, G. 2013). Learning Team Disc Chart From Disc Assessment DIRECT | GUARDED | Dd |   | Di |   | Id |   | Ii | OPEN | |   |   |   |   |   |   |   | | | Dc |   | Ds |   | Ic / Jeff |   | Is | | |   |   |   |   |   |   |   | | | Cd |   | Ci / Renee & |   | Sd / Ty |   | Si | | |   |   | John |   |   |   |   | | | Cc |   | Cs |   | Sc |   | Ss | | INDIRECT | Evaluation of the Individual Team Members Renata Roman and John Coakley's self-assessment characterized them in "The Cautious Style" group. More specifically, Roman and Coakley fell into class "Ci" described as "The Assessor" known for accomplishing goals with excellence. (Alessandra, 1996-2014). The style has a tendency to have strong opinions about groups and people that do not agree with them. The strengths of this class are dependability, problem solving and planning. Weaknesses are critical, unresponsive and perfectionist. Cautious styles are task...

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