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Crisis Case Management Paper

PACO 604

Instructor: Professor William Mark Holland

Rodney A. Tinsley

February 2, 2014

After previewing a 45-minute full episode of a crisis case via a video link, in which I had to observe several family members in crisis. I selected Sean as the family member from the crisis case and I will provide crisis intervention utilizing the models of crisis intervention discussed in the textbooks by Floyd and Wright.
Nature of the Crisis
The nature of the crisis stems from Sean’s childhood. Sean had a very difficult childhood. Crises are turning points where counselees can possibly move toward growth, enrichment and improvement; or it can move towards dissatisfaction, pain, and in some cases, dissolution. (Wright, 2011, 128)
There are three hazardous events in particular that has played a major role in Sean current crisis situation: The divorce of his parents, Sean’s father’s added pressure for him to succeed, and Sean’s father being a homosexual. Wright says that “A hazardous event is an occurrence that starts a chain reaction of events that culminates in a crisis.” (Wright, 2011, 129) I agree with those words wholeheartedly.
Sean was a fun loving kid who had everything going for him. His family described him as “a good guy with a big heart.” However that soon began to change changed. At the age of 13 Sean began experimenting with alcohol as a way to escape from the reality of his life. He felt that the buzz was his “miracle juice.” Drinking made Sean feel good. However, the sad and harsh reality of the situation is that it is the exact opposite of feeling good. Sean sees alcohol as a way to deal with the constant feeling of never being good enough in his father’s eyesight as well as a way to escape the fact that his father is a homosexual man. The constant pressure and bullying by his family doesn’t help...

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