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Discipline and Management

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Running Header: Discipline and Management: Different Yet Related

Students in the 21st Century Joseph Stavole
Grand Canyon University November 24 , 2012 EDU-536 Classroom Engagement and Management

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Running Header: Discipline and Management: Different Yet Related

The word management takes a lot of meanings but the best one is that it is “direct or

control” (, n.d., p. 1). When you take on the word management in the classroom it

definately takes on a whole new meaning. In the classroom management means to be organized,

have a plan that is already written out, an idea, direction or a course of action that you as the

teacher want to take on. The classroom will be neat, safe, and the teacher should always have

something going on for the students. Discipline is always misunderstood for classroom

management. Discipline is not punishment and many people think it is. "This is a pathway to guide

people towards self-control in the future and the outcome of discipline should not be used as the

fear of authority" (Charles, 2008, p. 7). Classroom discipline should be appropriate for students

functioning at any and all stage. This will enecourage good interaction for students and there will

be good behavior. The terms are similar becausethey work with each other towards hopefully the

same goals which are balance and harmony. They are different because classroom management is

for the teacher and discipline is the students responsibility. The two terms are related to one

another because management should prevent bad behavior...

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