Disclosure Analysis

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Disclosure Analysis
Earnell Branson
October 29, 2012
Walfeyette Powell
Disclosure Analysis
Microsoft was started in 1975. Microsoft does business worldwide in more than 100 countries. Microsoft develops software and hardware to help make people’s life better. Microsoft makes their profit from the development and licensing of software and hardware. Microsoft is well known for their Windows products which have made the ease of allowing documents and presentations to look professional. Microsoft continuously has developed to keep up with the competition. Microsoft has developed cell phones, computers, gaming devices, and have recently launched a tablet with a simple keyboard. Computer software and manufactures have gone out of business because of the fact of not becoming profitable. Microsoft continues to develop and stay relevant as the company increases their profit and presence in the computer and software industry. The paper will describe 2011 financial data.
Microsoft to remain profitable has created a search engine that has a catchy phrase. The marketing department aggressively advertised this segment of the company with a catchy phrase and stays on the consumers mind, and the phrase was Bing. Bing reminds the consumer of I have it. Microsoft has Windows Live that allows users to store and upload documents and pictures. Xbox Live is used as a gaming and social networking site. People can connect and compete using this gaming service, which is a good tool to allow gamers from all over the world to test their skills. Microsoft believes that by continually developing and researching new products is critical for future growth. Microsoft has shifted their focus to cloud computing. Microsoft’s reason is economically driven as they believe larger data centers are more advantageous than smaller data centers because they can share more information…...