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Discover Card Rebranding

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Media Planning and Buying, Public Relations, and Conclusion of Discover Financial Services
Rebrand Campaign
By Jennifer Grant and Chad Lacey
Traci O’Neill
Integrated Marketing Communications
Montana Tech of the University of Montana
March 7, 2013

Media Planning and Buying
In an effort to maximize effectiveness of our media planning and buying strategy, we are targeting the following consumers: 1. Adults with a credit score of 750 or higher that seek a rewards program that wishes to maximize returns on use of credit cards. 2. Adult, college-aged students who have no credit that desire to build a credit history.
Geographically, we are targeting these consumers in the United States with a special emphasis in all major metropolitan areas. The timing of our campaigns will be fiscal year-long beginning in 2014. However, higher frequency bursts will be delivered to target audience members: 1. For students, we will increase frequency at the beginning of fall and spring semesters with a follow-up prior to summertime. 2. For others, we will create more frequent burst during major, celebratory holidays, and prior to summer.
The vehicle selections we have chosen are thought to be the most effective in reaching our target audiences at a national level: 1. Magazines – Choose publications that are read by our audiences. For savvy adult consumers, we would advertise in business, financial, and other high end magazines. For students, we would choose outdoor, fitness, and fashion magazines. We would use a continuous strategy to maximize reach. 2. Television – We would like to see Discover Financial Services use a flighting strategy that alternates commercials in 6-8 week bursts followed by a 4-6 week hiatus. This should occur continuously throughout the 2014 fiscal year. 3. Product placement – This will be the least used vehicle, albeit a...

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