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Discrimination Against Transgender Individuals

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Discrimination against Transgender Individuals

Outline I. Introduction
A. Opener:
B. Thesis Statement: This research paper will be discussing about discrimination against transgender individuals in society, at work, and in marriage as well as in family. II. First of all, there are discrimination against transgender individuals in society.
A . Transgender individuals face discriminatory barriers to full equality
1. face difficulties meeting their basic needs
2. having their gender identity respected
B. Transgender individuals face more severe discrimination than LGB individuals III. Besides that, there are also discrimination against transgender workers.
A. Costs of discrimination
1. transgender individuals were fired without reason
2. transgender workers experienced unfairness A.
B. High risk of unemployment and poverty IV. There are discrimination in marriage and in family.
A. Discrimination in marriage 1. cannot stay in a marriage if gender is changed 2. parenting issues after transition
B. Discrimination by family members V. Conclusion:

Discrimination against Transgender Individuals
What is LGBT? LGBT stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender. Lesbian stands for a woman who is romantically, sexually or emotionally attracted to woman, gay stands for a man who is romantically, sexually or emotionally attracted to man while bisexual stands for an individual who attracted to people of both genders ("What Is LGBT? :", n.d.). As for transgender, it refers to those individuals who were actually born to be a male or female who thought and felt that they were born into a “wrong body”. For example, transgender individuals may know that they have characteristic of female autonomy but they feel like they are a male and want to become male by taking hormones or...

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