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Discuss How Far Society Should Allow Religion to Control Scientific and Technological Developments.

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Discuss how far society should allow religion to control scientific and technological developments.
The development of science and technology, comes hand in hand with the debate whether society should allow and use religion to control the research and development that is happening. Many see the involvement of religion in the development of science and technology as a positive thing, believing that it helps us to reach the most moral and safest outcome, however others would disagree with this and argue that allowing religion to control the development of both scientific and technology, will not allow people to think rationally and look at each situation independently and could lead to people making the wrong decision in life, but the right decision in the eyes of religion, which may not always be best.
Those who would be in favour of society allowing religion to control scientific and technological developments, would argue that in history, religion has always had a great involvement in the development of science and technology and society used to turn to religion to help them make moral decisions. When considering embryo research, Doctor Jarmulowitz – 1999 said “it has always been accepted in British law that the earliest human embryo should be treated with respect and accorded a special status.” Although there is no law against embryonic research in the UK, each experimentation has to follow certain ethical guidelines, some say that this in a way is allowing religion to control scientific and technological developments. The British law, reinforces many religions by stating that embryos are considered to have a special status, this law was passed in 1990, and this illustrates how religion has been used to come to moral decisions when concerning scientific and technological developments. Another argument to suggest the religion should be allowed to control…...

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