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Discuss the Relationship Between Persuasion and Attitude Change

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Discuss the relationship between persuasion and attitude change?

Persuasion is the use of appeals to reasons, values, beliefs, and emotions to convince a listener or reader to think or act in a particular way. We face persuasive advertisements particularly on a daily basis; from the television to magazines.
To explain the psychology of persuasion there are various models; the Hovland-Yale model and the elaboration likelihood model.
The Hovland-Yale model states that there several factors that will affect how likely a change of attitude through persuasion is, after all behavioural change cannot occur without attitude change also having taken place. The three most prominent factors are the source, the message and the audience.
Hovland et al found that source characteristics played an important role in determining the persuasive nature of any communication. The theory states that people more likely to be persuaded when a source presents itself as credible. For example, people were more likely to be persuaded when hearing the information from an expert. This was supported by Bochner and Insko study, where they found that people were more likely to trust a sleep expert than a non-sleep expert, on matters surrounding sleep. The creditable sources were more influencing towards the audience, where with the non-expert source the audience tried to find ways of discrediting the communicator.
The Hovland-Yale model says the content of the message is an important factor. When trying to persuade a person, we may look at both sides of the argument, the positive and the negative effects. Research on one-sided and two-sided messages found that two-sided messages influence attitudes more than one-sided messages to those which are likely to be hostile towards the argument being presented. However, if the audience is less intelligent, or already favouring the argument being…...

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