Discussing the Role of Organization Analysis, Person Analysis, and Task Analysis in Needs Assessment

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Discussing the role of organization analysis, person analysis, and task analysis in Needs Assessment

Needs assessment helps determine whether training is necessary. There are often pressure points that may suggest that training is necessary. A needs assessment usually involves organizational analysis, person analysis, and task analysis. Needs assessment answers three questions:
Organization – What is the context in which training will occur?
Person – Who needs training?
Task – What subjects should the training cover?
Organizational analysis involves determining the appropriateness of training, given the company’s business strategy, its resources available for training, and support by managers and peers for training activities. The nature of the modern business environment makes training important. Rapid change requires that employees continually learn new skills. Growing reliance on teamwork creates a demand for the ability to solve problems in teams, an ability that often requires formal training.
Support of Managers and Peers—the key factors to success are a positive attitude among peers and managers about participation in training activities, willingness to provide information to trainees about how they can apply what they learned, and the availability of opportunities for the trainees to apply what they learned. Person analysis: a process of determining individuals’ needs and readiness for training. It involves answering three questions: Do performance deficiencies result from a lack of knowledge, skill, or ability. Who needs training? Are these employees ready for training? Person analysis helps the manager identify whether training is appropriate and which employees need training. When a problem, such as a performance deficiency, is identified, it is often unclear whether training is the solution. From the manager’s perspective, training should be…...