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Chapter 2: Review Questions

3. Compare and contrast direct finance and indirect finance. Which is more likely to have a larger share of the total financial market in a mature economy? In a young economy? Why?

The financial system proposes two ways to finance. The first is direct finance through financial markets and the second is indirect finance through financial intermediaries, like banks finance companies and mutual funds. They both use financial securities and are managed in financial markets. Indirect finance is used more when the financial system is young then when the economy gradually increases it grows to indirect finance, this is so because when the financial system is young it depends on intermediaries. There is less of a risk with indirect finance because the intermediary usually has a firmly set line of credit. Both can cause risks though and they both face different problems with borrowers in difficulty of finance.

4. 5. What is the relationship between the efficiency of a financial system and the rate of economic growth?

Financial systems play a huge role in industrializing many in making it easier by the mobilization of capital. “Matching those who have savings with those who want to borrow is the essential purpose of the financial system” (Croushore, 13). The activities consists of money flowing from savers to borrowers and in return borrowers give savers financial securities declaring their repayment. These financial systems encourage innovation by assisting in funding so they may become successful in their innovations. This helps everyone as an economy move forward. The financial systems play an important part in the sense that with assistance their technological endeavors or opportunities for research and development may be achievable. With having innovation an economy can access sustained growth. Countries with a strong…...

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