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In this discussion, I will attempt to briefly describe correlational research, select a variable from the study used in this course and from the workplace that might prove to provide a correlational relationship explain why I would choose these two. Lastly, I will attempt explain how these results of the survey will be used in the workplace.
Correlational research is a measure of two more variables. This type of research calculates the degree of systematic covariation among measurements (Scmidt). If the values and one thing change, then what happens to the other? This is usually for the same situation. An example would be: If you were to have 22 people in a room of different heights from the shortest person to the tallest person, what would be the size of each individual's pants? They would get bigger or in other words, co-vary together. As you go from one of value to another, what happens to the other?
A variable that I chose from the study in this course is gender and the other variable I have chosen for a work environment is sexual-harassment. The correlation between the two this was most likely to be a victim of sexual harassment in the workplace between males and females. I chose these two variables because it seems as though sexual-harassment within the workplace is showing up in the media a lot more lately. Victims of this crime are becoming more outspoken than before and it is a subject that people need to educate themselves on.
A way that the results of this type of survey would be useful in the workplace is that it will allow employees to be aware of the consequences that can happen when they sexually harass individual at work. The results of this survey can also enable a Corporation to better protect their employees from becoming a victim of this un-chivalrous crime and how they can provide any type of counseling that is needed for these victims. The…...