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Dish Tv - Consumer Buying Behavior in the Changing Dth Environment

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Study & Analyzing Customer Buying Behavior in the changing DTH Environment
Dish TV India Pvt. Ltd.
Submitted by Tamal Kundu Academic year 2012-14 2012163 NIILM CMS Mentored by Prof. Ritu Srivastava NIILM CMS Greater Noida

Certificate of Completion from Faculty Guide

This is to certify that Summer Project Report on “Study and Analyze the consumer buying behavior in the fast changing DTH environment” prepared by Tamal Kundu Roll No. 2012163 of PGDM 2012-14 Batch is his genuine effort under my guidance and supervision.

Signatures of mentor

Signature of Student

Mentor: Prof. Ritu Srivastava

Name of Student: Tamal Kundu



I Tamal Kundu, a student of NIILM-CMS hereby declare that I completed my Summer Project titled, “Studying & analyzing the customer buying behavior in the fastest changing DTH environment” in the duration of six weeks i.e., from 20th April 2013 to 31st May 2013 under the able guidance of Mr. Mukesh Chaudhury &

Mr.Gautam Sinha.

The information presented here is correct and true to the best of my knowledge.




I would like to express my heartiest thanks and appreciation to all those who were associated with my summer project which enhanced my knowledge and understanding of the corporate world greatly. First of all I would like to thank our president Dr. S. Neelamegham (NIILM-CMS) for giving us an opportunity of having this corporate exposure for 6 weeks. I would also like to thank Prof. Ritu Shrivastava (Internship co-ordinator and mentor) for guiding me all the way through. I am extremely thankful to Mr. Gautam Sinha (Industry guide) who gave me the opportunity to work with Dish TV India Ltd. He not only acted as an able guide but also as a friend who encouraged me to give my best for the organization. They have been greatly co-operative during my project work....

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