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Informative Outline
Thesis: My audience will learn a brief history of the Disney Company and their plans to take new directions in the future.
Introduction: Briefly tell the audience a short history of Disney and the plans they have for their company and plans for future ventures.
Attention Getter: Disney first started out making cartoons but later ventured into major films, radio, television programs and even vacation packages. Now, Disney has acquired new companies and will journey into the world of many multi-media platforms, mainly video-gaming. Let’s take a look to see where the company is going with their new plans moving into the future.

I. First main point: The foundation for Disney began with Walt Disney in the 1920’s.

A. Cartoons marked the beginning of the Disney Company.
1. Visual aid: Use a picture of Mickey Mouse as the very start to the Disney Company.
2. The success of cartoon shorts sparked construction of Disney Studios.
B. The success of features and cartoons made possible the ideas to build a theme park centered on the world of Disney.
1. Visual aid: Use a picture of Disney’s theme park, Disneyworld.
2. Explain that after the success of theme parks, merchandising became another big part to the evolution of the company.
3. Visual aid: Use a picture that represents some of the merchandise that Disney produced.

II. Second Main Point: Where the company is today and what they have done to keep moving forward to producing family-type programming and more successes.
A. The company began producing its own radio stations, television programming and movies to expand their company.
1. Visual aid: Use a picture showing popular television shows created by Disney.
2. Successful television shows launched the careers for future actors, actresses and singers.
3. Visual aid: Use a picture…...