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If a girl was going to search for her Prince Charming, the first place she should look is in the world of animation. Animation has probably been around since the beginning of time. Although, the artwork that originally resembled animation was only one or two cels, animation today is made up of hundreds or thousands of cels. The early animated movies were black and white, did not have a plot, and were mostly a series of little gags. Then came ... COLOR. To make an animated movie popular, color was needed to give it style. Walt Disney and his technicians created color to make the movies more enjoyable for the viewers. What was the first Disney Movie to come out? It was Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. To make this movie Disney ran into a slight problem. Sure, it was easy to animate animals, but humans? To solve the problem, they filmed live actors doing exactly what the characters would do. This would work, but there was still a problem with the size of objects and losing things in the foreground when the camera zoomed. The solution ... a multiplane camera. In this camera, instead of many layers of artwork, there would be two, the foreground and the background. This made zooming in and out easier. In the 1940's there were four classical Disney feature animated movies to come out: Pinocchio, Dumbo, Fantasia, and, Bambi. Little did Walt Disney know that the five movies that he made would be the base for many more Disney movies. In the movie Pinocchio for example, a toy maker creates a puppet and when he makes a wish upon a star.....the puppet turns into a real boy. Dumbo was the next movie to come about from Disney. Dumbo is a movie that teaches, you can do anything if you put your mind to it. Now Fantasia on the other hand is a totally different kind of movie. It's a cartoon musical. Bambi was the next movie to come out. To some it might be called a tragedy. But to others it might be called a happy and joyful movie. It teaches you to fend for yourself. After World War II Disney came out with a few more feature animated movies such as: Cinderalla, Peter Pan, Lady and the Tramp, and Sleeping Beauty. One thing that Snow White, Cinderalla, and Sleeping Beauty all have in common is that they are all stories about princesses who live happily ever after with their prince. Most of the Disney movies made after World War II teach people that good will triumph over all evil. Cinderalla became the biggest money maker up to that time, making even more then Snow White. Lady and the Tramp was the first Disney Movie to be developed by 20th Century Fox. Sleeping Beauty was the next movie to be made after Peter Pan and Lady and the Tramp. It took over three years and cost over six million dollars. But since it didn't have humor or personality the critics called it "pretentious" (showy). The movie lost alot of money on it's first release. One of Walt Disney's last films was 101 Dalmatians but, this was one of the harder movies to make. The animators had to have 101 spotted dogs on a clip together. In order to accomplish this they spoke to Ub Iwerks. Ub Iwerks was the creator of the Xerox copier. This was a machine that allowed the animators to draw a few dogs and then copy the rest. The Jungle Book was the last feature animated movie that Walt Disney helped to create. He passed away in during its filming. The person who should get all the credit for the script of Beauty and the Beast is Linda Woolverton. It took her over two and a half years to re-write the story and turn it into the play of the 90's. Elements of animation were the hardest part of this movie. This is where everything had to come together. The character had to act and look like it sounded. Thanks to all the animators of Disney's Beauty and the Beast animation crew they pulled it off. My research on this project led me down many interesting roads. I interviewed someone in Disney's animation office and this is what they said. "There have been 33 feature animated Disney movies, the most popular one has been Aladdin. All feature animated Disney movies are in the theaters at least once and usually go back every seven years. This might change to every ten years. Story, music, and the characters are what makes a movie popular." Another item that I will be using for my speech is a little movie that talks and shows how Disney animates its movies. In order to show art work I have a cel painting. A cel is a transparent sheet of celluloid on which an animation drawing is inked and then painted. The cel I will be showing has been inked and I finished it off by painting it.

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