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Angel Pelaez
Mrs. Larsen
AP Language, Period 3
21 November 2014
Disney Research Paper In society, gender roles (a set of social and behavioral norms that are widely considered to be socially appropriate for individuals of a specific sex) are everywhere. For a long time men and women had to do certain things throughout their lives. It was expect that men would be the ones that had to work, while their wives had to stay home to take care of the house, the kids, bills, etc. Over time, these gender roles have changed. Females now take on tasks that only men were supposed to do. Gender roles appear in places that one wouldn’t expect: Disney movies. Disney movies do a great job at showing how gender roles were portrayed at the time the movie came out. Most notably, in these movies, males fulfill a certain appearance stereotype (tall, muscular, handsome, etc.). The same stereotype applies to females as well (makeup, being slim, posture, etc.). In Disney movies, the male protagonist is almost always good-looking, muscular, tall, etc. An example of this is Prince Eric from the Little Mermaid movie. In the movie, he’s tall, light-skinned, muscular, and handsome. He’s almost “perfect”. In the essay ....Happily Ever After (Or What Fairy Tales teach Girls about being Women) Alice Neikirk states “the hero, often a prince, is generally described as brave and handsome.” Over time, the appearance of the male protagonists have changed. For example, Flynn Rider from Tangled is just a slim, not very muscular, semi- handsome guy. He’s average compared to princes from other Disney movies (like Prince Eric, Hercules, It seems only the rich princes are the muscular good-looking types, especially when compared to princes like Aladdin. He’s from the Middle East and is still good- looking, but he’s very skinny and isn’t in any way muscular. This shows how appearance depends on where the male...

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