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Disneyland in Hongkong

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The Disney Theme Park in Honk Kong was first announced to the public in 1997. Initially it was welcomed by the public after the Asian financial crisis because of the announcement of projected benefits coupling with “Disney” tourism and the associated employment opportunities.
Although the Walt Disney Company expressed a strong commitment and responsibilities towards conservation of natural resources, it had enormous environmental costs which resulted intense public criticism. The Disneyland earned less revenue than estimated. And Disney had to take immediate action to improve its operations and safeguard its “green” reputation.
The background of Honk Kong Disney land had a long history. After nine months of intense and detailed negotiations, the Hong Kong special Administrative Region Government and the Walt Disney Company reached a preliminary agreement to commence the construction in November, 2001.
After that Disney had taken some theme Park strategies. The company relied on two approach- expanding existing parks while entering into the new territories. And it was Disney’s trade mark tactic in attaining global profitability. Despite of ups and downs the company continued to approach governments’ worldwide including those at home.
In the early 1990s, Disney representatives approached the Hong Kong government. During the negotiation period with the Hong Kong administration, Disney also entered into discussion with the Shanghai Government. The message eventually broadcasted to the public as Disney would build a new theme park either in Honk Kong or Shanghai. But truly there was no serious intension to enter into Shanghai but to create support from Hong Kong people as Hong Kong seemed to be more profitable for the company.
Hong Kong was and remained as the central hub for international business travelers. Its exceptional...

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