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Curriculum Vitae


Full Name : Hossam El Din Hafez Mohamed Abd El Ghafar.
Nationality : Egyptian.
Place of birth : Saudi Arabia.
Gender : Male.
Religion : Muslim.
Marital statues : Single.
Cell Phone : +2 01003135591
E-mail :


• Bachelor of Commerce 2007, Accounting Department, Alexandria University. • Master of Business Administration Student (MBA) 2011, Supply chain Major - (Third semester), Arab Academy For Science And Technology And Maritime Transport, Graduate School of Business – Alexandria.

LANGUAGES: ARABIC : Mother tongue. English : Good.

Objectives: - Good communication and interpersonal skills. - Working individual and with work groups. - leadership skills and ability to work under pressure.

CERTIFICATES AND COURSES: ▪ Financial accounting: 1) Financial accounting diploma (in Arabic). 2) Financial accounting diploma (in English) about accounting cycle, keeping books and making periodic and annually reports. 3) Financial Analysis workshop under supervision of international finance corporation (IFC) All these Certificates there preparation and tests were via Eaac group for training and consultancy. ▪ Cost and managerial accounting: 1) Cost and managerial accounting via Arab academy for science and technology which approved from American university (AUC). 2) Cost accounting and comparison course about how to reduce industry's costs Via El Sahn office for consultancy. (official and approved accounting and auditing office deals with multinational leading companies).

▪ Computer and Ready accounting program: 1) International Computer driving license (ICDL)...

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