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Dissoi Logoi Speech

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Dissoi Logoi Speech
General Purpose: Persuasive
Specific Purpose: The benefit of social networking sites.
Stasis you are working with: Problem solution
Thesis: Social networking sites are sites where we go to get connected with people around the world and stay in touch. Social networking has made it easier for us to communicate with one another easier than ever because the sites are updated constantly. There isn’t much a problem about social networking sites just beneficial.
Attention Grabber.
A1. Facebook is one of the most identifiable online social networks on college campuses because of its popularity among students.
B2. The service recently accounted that they had reached an astonishing 300 million active user of which, if combined worldwide, spend over six billion minutes on Facebook everyday(Facebook statistics). To put that number in a better perspective, that’s 100 million hours, or 11,407.9553 years.
C3. Social networking doesn’t affect me as well as other because I think is a waste of time where people constantly sit in front of a computer to update whatever them doing on these sites.
D. Relevance to the audience. I. College students rely on Facebook and social networks like it to connect with friends, family and classmate to exchange information, chat, or just see what one another is currently doing. II. We rely on these technologies a lot in our daily lives, but throughout our busy life, we never really take the time to understand how it can be beneficial to us.
Benefit of social networking sites.
A1. Some would say that social networking is problematic; that is an understatement. If that were true, how do you explain the millions of user that are online today? These social networking sites help people stay connected and also are beneficial for your health by how people can get support from an online community or communities....

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