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Distance Education or Traditional Education

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EN130 English Composition II
Assignment#: Assignment 5 – Compare/Contrast Essay
Title: Distance Education or Traditional Education

Date: 22 August 2015

Distance Education Making Higher Education Possible for Everyone

Distance education takes place when the teacher and student are in different locations from one another as a result of their physical location. Communication between the student and the teacher most often done via different ways of technology such as emails, virtual communication using web-based features like WebEx or instant messaging, just to name a few. Traditional education takes place in a campus environment, where the student and teacher are in the same room often referred to as a classroom. Distance Education provides higher education to those who may otherwise never have an opportunity with no boundaries to one’s station, race, creed, or physical limitations. Distance Education, thanks to free Wi-Fi offered at most public places gives students the ability to study in places like the library, stores, restaurants, coffee and soda shops. Making it easy for students to continue their learning even if they do not have internet access. Many students have Internet ability from their smartphones or tablets giving them access to classes and school materials from anywhere, as long as they have a phone signal. This makes distance education popular to many people this also provides a means for those that may have learning challenges to get a higher education at a pace that is conducive to their learning style. Traditional education has proven to provide excellent results through the years. Traditional education offers students that ability to work on social skills, as well as their studies. There are significant benefits in traditional education like the on-premise library or labs. Taking part in the extras such as sports or…...

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