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Distrabtion Chaneels Chic Soap

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Target market are Women, Married or in a relationship, between age of 21-45, socioeconomic group A, and located eastern South. Target market can be further segmented according to age, working status, weather or season. Moreover married men are also potential customers as they would buy the product as a gift. Special gift packaging would be attractive, maybe a non-polished, light in colour wooden box containing an organic irregular Loofa textured at the sides, and an organic foot scrubber in addition to 5 bare bars of Chic Soap featuring different aromas having regular shapes rectangular, circular, or square.

2 Products would be sold to end-users through independent chemists and department stores because this is where the potential customer search for products of the same genre, Moreover the availability of Chic Soap in groceries and supermarkets would harm the product and brand image. On top of physical outlets Chic Soap would design a website named after the brand to give information about skincare, beauty, mainly for feminine website, which have a portal where customers can buy products directly to their door step with cash on delivery option, or gift packing.

Excessive visual ads containing a clear picture of the perfume dripping concentrated extract into the soap with the Chic Soap logo large at the side. Also posters at independent chemists would be of equal importance. This process is important to link Chic Soap to already successful brands found in the market, while introducing the Chic Soap Brand to their minds from the top. Why spray your armpit or neck while you can spoil your whole body by making each inch of your skin to spring graceful, charming, foxy aroma of “Perfume Name” in Chic Soap. 96% of women reported they like neck kisses, then why make it taste alcoholic. Just use Chic Soap with your favourite perfume, and enjoy every inch of your skin...

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