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Jackie Combs, Colin Endo, Henric Razon, Arlene Roche SP151 S. Pastor 3/4/2014

TITLE: Exploring the culture of Rock N’ Roll


SPECIFIC PURPOSE: The purpose of this presentation is to inform our audience of classmates about the culture of Rock N’ Roll, and its impact of artists from the 50s, 60s, 70s & 80s era.

CENTRAL IDEA: The culture of Rock N’ Roll is an interesting culture to explore because it has so many influential artists of all eras and for many decades it has played a big role in society.


I. We will we will rock you! The language of rock n’ roll has such an influence on the moods and attitudes on many, young and old alike.

II. There are many rock musicians that have made their influential mark in the entertainment world, but today we will introduce to you just a few who we feel has “rocked” the world of music.

III. Relevancy*

IV. We have done extensive research on our topic and have looked at credible sources from the Internet, reference books, and articles. We hope you will enjoy learning more about the genre of rock music just as we have.

V. Today, we will share highlights about the *, *, awards and recognition, and their lifestyle associated alcohol and drugs of abuse.


I. 1950s (Henric Razon student one)

II. 1960s(Colin Endo student two)

III. The 1970s was marked by an emergence of a variety of new rock styles, with large rock bands performing in front of thousands in arenas and outside stadiums. ( I am presenting to you just a couple of those cultural icons. (Arlene Roche student three)

A. Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones.

1. Mick Jagger is the lead singer of the Rolling Stones known for his “diabolical lips” (Spitz, 2011 p.47) and is critically acclaimed as being the “World’s Greatest Rock and Roll Band” and hold the record for longevity as a rock and roll band. ( 2. Inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1989.

3. The rock and roll lifestyle is well known for its association with sex and recreational drug use and Mick is no different, admitting to the use of acid about once a month. (Spitz, 2011 p.86) and in 1967 he and then girlfriend Faithful were arrested for drug possession after a raid of his home in London. ( He has seven children with four women and is known for his many high-profile relationships according to the Biography Channel website.

B. Eric Clapton. 1. The only artist to be inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame three times: 1992, 1993, and 2000, and won 18 Grammy Awards according to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame website and is ranked the greatest rock and roll guitarist of all time. ( 2. As a recovering alcohol and drug addict, he opened a drug treatment center to help those overcome drug and alcohol addiction. (

I will now turn your attention to Jackie who will introduce the 1980s era of rock n’ roll.

IV. The 80s was a time when the iconic status of rock stars was routinely challenged by skeptical punks and new wavers. There were many artists that impacted the 80’s but today two of the most influential artists that I’m covering from that era are Guns N Roses and U2. (Jackie Combs student four) A. Guns N Roses 1. Guns N Roses created a lot of controversy from drugs to bad concerts and TV appearances. Axl Rose, the lead vocalist, was known to have a bad temper. They sang songs at their concerts fans were unfamiliar with and even cursed, saying the “F” word, on TV. The band was heavy into drugs and many said that they drank like bandits. No one was sure that they would live long enough to make another record. Then they got clean.

2. They were a band of misfits from LA who came together and formed the band we all know as Guns and Roses. “They were uncompromising, tempestuous, explosive & controversial – Everything but predictable.” – Guns and roses was said to be a band of the 80s where rock music rediscovered its edge.

B. U2

1. U2 came from Ireland and they were a band on a mission. U2 wanted to be and has been a positive change in the music world. They were focused on bringing a more serious and positive message to the music culture. They also did rock for charity events.

2. U2 came up with a unique message to share at their shows. The lead vocalist, Bono, would hold up a white flag waving it at their shows (drained of all color) symbolizing “one world”, a message Bono truly believed in. They wrote songs about war and Martin Luther King Jr., performing the most memorable shows.


I. This concludes our presentation about Chinese culture.

II. We believe the culture of Rock N’ Roll was an interesting topic to explore because it because it has so many influential artists of all eras and for many decades it has played a big role in society.

III. **Memorable closing statement.

IV. We thank you for your kind attention throughout our presentation.


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