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Distribution of Power

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Distribution of power
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One problem that one organization may face
Nowadays, with the development of society, one organization faces more kinds of problems than before. One person can hardly deal with all the things. Therefore, leaders begins to give power to his employees who he thinks are more excellent than others. Leaders want the employees who get power can help them to deal with the problems, which can make the organization more efficient.

However, it is hard for leaders to decide how much power they will give to their employees. If the employees get little power, they will not be real helpful for leaders. But, if the employees get too much power, the leader will be hard to supervise. Since what they can do are too many, if the leaders want to know everything, it is no different for them to do the things by themselves.

The relationship between power and organizational behavior
The distribution of power in an organization is very important. It will show the model of an organization, which is concentration of power or cooperation of power. And this will effect the behavior of an organization. If the power is controlled in few people, the organization style will like the style of the people who have the power. Also, the employees will be effected more or less. But, if power is allocated in some people. This organization can hardly show the style of anyone. It will tend to be a non-style organization because nobody can effect the whole...

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