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Distribution, Hypothesis Testing, and Error Worksheet

Answer the following questions. Questions that are answered without the work will not receive full credit. When a question says explain or describe, please DO NOT copy word for word from a reference. You need to explain the concept so I know you understand what it means. For questions requiring material from Statdisk, make sure to turn labels on, take a screen capture (CTRL-Print Screen on most Windows-based computers), and paste the image into the worksheet. Crop the image as appropriate.
1. Describe a normal distribution in no more than 100 words (5 point).
Answer: A normal distribution is a continuous random variable distribution with a bell shape, and has only two parameters: the mean, and the variance. A normal distribution can be represented by the formula: y=e^(-1/2)(x-μ/σ)/(σ√2pi). The mean can be any positive number and variance can be any positive number, so there are an infinite number of normal distributions. The shape of the distribution when graphed is symmetrical and bell-shaped. Use this information to answer questions 2-4. Following a brushfire, a forester takes core samples from the ten surviving Bigcone Douglas-fir trees in a test plot within the burn area, and a dendrochronologist determines the age of the source trees to be as follows (in years):

15 38 48 67 81 83 94 102 135 167
2. Construct a normal quantile plot in Statdisk, show the regression line, and paste the image into your response. Based on the normal quantile plot, does the data above appear to come from a population of Bigcone Douglas-fir tree ages that has a normal distribution? Explain (5 point).
[pic] [pic]
Answer: The data does appear to come from a population of Bigcone Douglas-fir tree ages that has a normal distribution because the normal quintile...

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