Diversity and Prejudice in America

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Diversity and Prejudice in America
Alycia Toth
Professor Nowinski

“It is time for parents to teach young people early on that in diversity there is beauty and there is strength.” Maya Angelou said these famous words and she could not have been more accurate. Discrimination and hate are not going away anytime soon but educating our youth on history, diversity, and prejudice could very well be the key to coming closer to the end.
First I would like to discuss what I have learned from this class about diversity, discrimination, and prejudice. Honestly I had a general idea of what these three words meant but overall I was not entirely clear on their meaning let alone the severity of them in America. Like most people I was aware of the Civil Rights Movement and Act and knew that African American endured quite the challenge of gaining their rights and freedom but reading the text I was able to understand more of what happened and the challenges overcome. Also, from the text I was able to see that African Americans were not the only ones who faced prejudice and discrimination. So many people, me included, tend to not think about what woman, disabled people, and many other races have gone through to earn the same rights as everyone else. This class really opened my eyes and let me see how I was not seeing the “whole picture” and was not educating myself to help others. I am a Caucasian female and did not notice discrimination or hate around me due to the fact that I have not had to go through any. I grew up in a predominately white neighborhood and had both parents working so did not see discrimination. Learning what woman have gone through to be able to work and have same rights as men and now working on being paid equally, like it should be, is a great eye opener. I am thankful for all the women active in this campaign for all women’s rights!
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