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Diversity Initiative

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Kenneth Lapinski
Diversity initiative Presentation outline
Are Diversity Initiatives Ethical * Religious Beliefs * A culturally diverse workforce may include many different religious beliefs. * Some religions have beliefs that heterosexuality is the only acceptable sexual orientation. * So managers need to be prepared to address these issues and clarify that whatever an employee’s personal beliefs are they must respect others in the workplace. * Gender Issues * An atmosphere where women have the same opportunity for promotion as men can generate several ethical challenges. * This is because in some countries women are legally subordinate to men * Men from these countries may find it hard to report to a woman and have women hold top executive positions. * Similarly some countries consider it immoral for women and men who are not related to each other to look each other in the eye and interact socially or professionally. * Managers need to be able to address these issues without violating discrimination laws or reducing the effectiveness of the diversity initiative. * Hiring Decisions * An organization that wishes to have a culturally diverse workforce must hire from a diverse pool of candidates. * This can be done by posting open positions with employee diversity networks or by advertising in nontraditional publications. * The hiring manager has to hire person most qualified for the job regardless of race, gender, age, or national origin. * A common ground has to be met between a company’s diversity goals and their equal employment opportunity guidelines. * Business Practices * A business may experience cultural conflict on top of all this when it insists that its employees follow ethical business practices. * In some cultures government agencies expect...

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