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Diversity is the mix of culture, language, and gender in the same work field. It is also the state or fact of being diverse; difference; unlikeness. ( For example, in the federal government, there must be an employment equity program. Certain percentage of workforce must be (visible minority, disabled, and original). Therefore, for every single job in federal level must be contain optional questions for diversity. Above is also an example in workforce diversity. By opening up the workplace to a wide variety of people, a company can draw upon a much larger population of qualified individuals. That puts them in a more competitive position than companies that allow hiring managers to engage in narrow-minded hiring practices. Personally, I enjoy the wide range of cultures and ethnicities at my job. Mandating diversity is a form of affirmative action, which I am against. A person should be hired because of the skills they posses, not because they belong to some minority group. But, I am not against diversity. Diversity does give a wider range of thoughts and ideas. Instead of people that just go with the normal workflow, you can get people that think different, and may have other ideas that no one else thought of. I believe affirmative action was good at a time, but there are enough anti-discrimination laws now that we do not need to force companies to have a certain percentage of their workforce to be minorities. The value of diversity in the work place is that it ensures people will not be discriminated against because they are not white believe it or not, racism still exists, and programs like "equal opportunity" are just meant to level the playing field. Gender can be classified as a subclass within a grammatical class of a language that is partly arbitrary but also partly based on characteristics (i.e. shape, social rank, manner of...

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