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Diversity Response Prompt

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Diversity Response Prompt
American society has played a significant role in its view of culturally and ethnically diverse individuals. The design of education and the need for income has limited the inclusion of diversity and forced integration through curriculum, and social requirements for assimilation. The personal image of how those from a European dissent view themselves, as Case (2012) refers to as available unearned resources that whites are unaware of, but have the ability to utilize every day. Due to the opportunities, this places a deeper level of importance on assimilation, which exposes the roles non-white individuals have learned to play for acceptance. In many cases, it has cost humanity the knowledge and growth diversity adds
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Woodson (1977) disputes the absence of vital aspects of history in the “miseducation” of black students when curriculum in public schools only catered to European history. Segregation and discrimination is a significant part of American history. Banks (2008) considers citizenship at what cost to heritage, home, culture and language. The public schools system actions reveal their view and status of non-white children in the school system and restrict the opportunity and acceptance of identity among other children. Nkomo and Ariss (2014) distinguishes that in the past white privilege was overt, unashamed discrimination, but although it is more subtle, it is thriving in modern times. The learning environment fosters identity and societal norms based on past segregation and existing discrimination. As one parent mentioned in Holme’s (2002) study, “you clearly know where not to send your child.” As white-privileged parents continue to have conversations and can afford the opportunity to send their children to better schools the issues regarding equality continue. While they relegate non-white and poor children to zoned areas with poor quality schools, the issue of identity and invisible lines continue to define one’s place in society while widening the gap for improved equity in education (Holme, …show more content…
I was able to reflect on my earlier years and the inequality in education. Valencia et al. (2002) study of Texas Hispanic and African American students in highly segregated minority schools indicate a higher probability of poor performance on the equivalency indicator, compared to white students. I attended inner-city schools and discovered I needed remedial classes in college to write at the basic level of my white counterparts. The Equal Opportunity Program at Fresno State afforded me the opportunity to attend college. Although there have been many discussions regarding affirmative action, the Equal Opportunity Program provided an advantage to underrepresented student. Green’s (2004) perspective of the University of Michigan’s case to take on higher education efforts connected to access and equity clarifies the historical concerns that brought about affirmative action. Under normal circumstances, students with low-test scores would not qualify for acceptance into four-year colleges. The majority of individuals I encountered viewed it as unfair to the more qualified students. I was under the impression I was fighting for equality, but the Diversity class helped me discover I was arguing for equity. There was never a leveled playing field. The injustice began in the public school system with inferior education. Evidence confirms school segregation dates back to the

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