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Diversity Within the Workplace

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Throughout the many issues in the workplace, diversity is an issue that needs immediate attention. Our culture is continuously evolving and with that being said diversity in our work environment should be evolving as well. It has been said, “Top performing companies have long recognized that diversity is good for business. But a just released report from The Economist Intelligence Unit finds that a new definition of workforce diversity is emerging. It’s no longer just about avoiding race, ethnicity, and gender discrimination, or even compliance with legal regulations. Diversity now encompasses values, meaning what motivates someone to join a company, embody organizational passions, and be productive for a long time.” (Galer, 2014) It is crucial for an organization to be diverse, lack of diversity can cause several issues in the workplace such as miscommunication, unproductivity, and creates a hostile work environment. By managing the problems with diversity the organization would benefit greatly in many ways. There are many reasons for why the issue of diversity needs to be addressed in the workplace. Specifically in the organization I work in there are many problems with diversity, many of the workers in my organization have brought up the fact that the race is predominantly white, it is also made aware that the engineers for the company are males and the females in the office are usually the subject of jokes and labeled as ‘non workers’. Since the site I currently work in is based down South it is clear that southern values are placed with high importance to the point where other individual’s values are disregarded. I have heard many times that when I when I was hired it my race was taken into account to ‘keep the numbers up’. With the new definition of diversity emerging it is essential that the past issues with diversity are rectified so that the new fundamentals with diversity are implemented. Ultimately, “a diverse workforce combines workers from different backgrounds and experiences that together breed a more creative, innovative, and productive workforce. And businesses have learned that they can draw upon our nation’s diversity to strengthen their bottom line. In this way, diversity is a key ingredient to growing a strong and inclusive economy that’s built to last.” (Burns & Kerby, 2012) There will be several statistical methods used in order to understand the problem with diversity and then resolve the problems with diversity in the organization. First it would be essential to identify the issues and attitudes towards diversity. A sample survey would be conducted while ensuring to avoid questions that would cause a response bias. An example of this survey would look like this,
‘1. The leadership at this company encourages diversity
Strongly Disagree
Somewhat Disagree
Somewhat Agree
Strongly Agree’

The sample survey would be used with a large sample of employees from the organization. It would be important to use employees that have been with the company for a period one year or longer due to the fact that they know the organizations practices and behaviors when it comes to diversity. Using the information provided on the sample survey a contingency table can then be designed which make the results of the test easier to view and analyze. By analyzing the results of this survey we will find how other employees feel about the diversity within the organization and show areas that need to be worked on.

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