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Divine Group Cafe

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| 2013 | | Team Project Plan Part AProject Management

Establishing a new café, Devine Beverages in Norwest business park | Table of Contents Executive summary 3 Purpose of the document 3 Project background 4 Scope Statement 4 Project Name: 4 Project Sponsor 4 The project sponsors for Café Divine are Divine Beverages Pty Ltd. 4 Project objectives 4 Description of the project 5 Project deliverables (Figure 1) 5 Milestones 6 Legal Requirements 6 Location Sourcing 6 Financial 7 Human Resources 7 Marketing 7 Technical Requirements 7 Projects Constraints/Limits and Exclusions 8 Customer Review/ Monitoring and Controlling 8 Work Breakdown Structure 9 References 13 Appendix 13 Figure 1: 13 Project Charter 14 Team contract 17

Executive summary

The aim of this report is to detail how Divine Beverages Pty Ltd will be establishing its first café. The location of the café will be in Norwest Businesses Park. Management have determined that the construction of Northwest Rail link, will in turn lead to a large and sustained growth of business clientele within the Norwest/Bella Vista area. The café management also determined that their competitive difference will focus upon providing an exotic blend of kopi luwak coffee, coupled with a multilingual workforce who can fluently converse with foreign corporate clientele.
Divine Beverages management have determined that there are seven major deliverables each with its own major milestones which will run from 1st October 2013 to the 20th March 2014. These critical milestones and deliverables ensure that the project will be fully functioning and the café will open on time. One of the major milestones for this project is the need for staff to be recruited and trained before the café opens. Divine Beverages management team have allocated a 3 week leeway to ensure, a...

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