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What comes to your mind when you see a corsage? A corsage is actually three boutonnieres you put together. Wearing flowers on one’s body isn't a new concept; people have been wearing flowers for centuries. The ancient Greeks used to wear it on special days because they were thought to ward off evil spirits. But now, corsages are usually worn to indicate a special person on a special day. By the way, most of your friends are turning eighteen. Why not give them a homemade corsage? To make them feel even more special. How? Listen for the next few minutes and you will learn how to make this 10-step DIY or do it yourself wrist corsage.
For the corsage, you’re going to need some simple basic DIY ingredients like stapler, glue gun with the glue stick, and fabric ribbon for about 12” by 1.5” for your bow. You’ll also need a beaded bracelet or any decorative bracelet where you can attach your final corsage. Finally, you need to add some decorative flowers and leaves. I think the cutest flowers for a corsage are mini-roses, paperwhites, cherry flowers or any artificial flowers of your own choice.
Now that we have our materials before us, we’re going to start by gluing the fabric ribbon together at the ends to have a loop and staple it at the center to make a two-point bow. Do this with the other ribbon in a like manner. Attach the bow at the top of the other in an opposite direction to make a four-point bow. The next step we’re going to do is to take at least three pieces of any artificial leaves and glue them above the bow in a triangular distribution. Now, it’s time to begin adding in with your flowers. Since the roses take up the most space, I’ll add those first by stripping off the leaves and glue them at the top. (Whenever I gave flowers to my grandma, I always give her white roses because white roses are often used as an expression of remembrance.)After the roses are in place, paste the paperwhites beside them. ( Aside from white roses, you can add paperwhites that are strongly fragrant thus suitable for the corsage) Finally, fill the loose gaps with a bunch of cherry flowers and paste it at the center. And now, the last step we’re going to do is to paste the final corsage at the middle of the beaded bracelet.
You now have the best homemade gift ready for your friend. So when you try making corsage on your own, just remember this three main steps: first is to make your four-point bow; next is to add your decorative flowers and leaves and last is to attach the corsage at the bracelet. Give your friend a moment she will cherish forever. Good luck and enjoy!…...

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