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Dns Terminology


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The Master List Of
DNS Terminology

published: 01/14/15

DNS: What It Is & Why It’s Important
The Domain Name System or DNS is a distributed
Internet database that maps human-readable names to IP addresses, allowing people to reach the correct website when entering a URL. For example, the domain name translates to the IP address of
DNS speed and reliability are central to the performance and availability of your website and the success of your online business. Every visitor’s first interaction with your website begins with a series of DNS queries. Poor DNS performance can lead to subpar customer experiences and lost business.

Some companies rely on free or low-cost DNS services provided by ISPs, hosting providers, or domain name registrars. However, many organizations turn to a company like Dyn for Managed
DNS for several reasons, including:
V Expertise & Support
V Global Reach
V Continuous Availability
V High Scalability
V Security
V Resiliency

Who We Are
Dyn is a cloud-based Internet Performance company. Dyn helps companies monitor, control, and optimize online infrastructure for an exceptional end-user experience. Through a world-class network and unrivaled, objective intelligence into Internet conditions, Dyn ensures traffic gets delivered faster, safer, and more reliably than ever.
Dyn is the leading Internet Performance provider to the most visited web properties in the world, as measured by the Alexa 1000. Dyn delivers more brand loyalty, customer satisfaction, and increased sales from startups to Global 2000 companies and businesses in between.


Table of Contents

/ 3 A Record through Cache
/ 4 CDN through Delegation
/ 5 DNS through GSLB
/ 6 gTLD through Primary DNS
/ 7 PTR Records through

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