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Do Businesses Need to Invest in Creative Thinking If They Want to Be Successful?

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Lecturer(s): Ronald Tierney & Adam Walford
Question: Do businesses need to invest in creative thinking if they want to be successful?
Student name: Phan Si Bao Cuong
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Date: 4/7/2013

In the business world today, creative thinking is one of the most indispensable elements that involve in whether companies can attain success. There is no doubt that thinking differently has brought many advantages to the success of businesses. Creativity can be defined as an ability people use to produce fresh ideas (Mattiske 2010). Bills and Genasi (2003) go further and suggest that people should force themselves to throw the traditional way of thinking away to form new ideas or even unique method to alter their future. The quality of products can be improved if inventiveness is boosted in office. Steve Jobs states that applying attractive ideas and new technologies to the process of doing business can help companies develop and flourish. This essay will support the opinion that businesses should have some funds in motivating innovation and creativity by analyzing these benefits which have been mentioned above based on the success of two big corporations, Sony and Apple.
One key point is that the value of products can be enhanced if creative thinking is promoted in the workplace. If business owners encouraged their staff to think differently, this could result in the competition between employees so they try to produce new ideas that can create value or bring profit for their companies. Company chairman can use some methods like focusing on designing the workplace (Norman 2005). According to Sam Wagner (2011), ‘The key to the job methods process is to identify a problem and solve it through creative thinking’. The author thinks that employees ought to be motivated to share their own new ideas. Then enterprise leaders will...

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