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Do -It-Yourself Internet

1. He suggests communities be designed to develop commitment through internalization of characteristics and interpersonal attraction. Developing communities to show things like common interests and similar stereotypes will make a group feel united and therefore make individuals more committed.

2. a. Purpose-driven location sharing is when people share there location because there is a purpose and telling people will actually mean something and there is a specific need for the location. Social- driven location sharing has no real purpose and is done simply because it is fun letting people know where you are. b.According to "I'm the Mayor of the House" there are five factors to why people use four square. Factor one is Badges, by using Foursquare you earn badges and people like this feature and find it fun. Factor two is social connection, people claim Foursquare helps keep i touch with friends and coordinate plans easier. Factor three is place discovery, users use Foursquare to get tips and find out about new places. Factor four is keeping track of places, foursquare helps users track where they have been and when they visited there. Finally factor five is for game, Foursquare is something different to do when you go out or are bored. c. A privacy concern about Foursquare is letting people know where you are that you don't know or don't want knowing where you are. Users manage this concern by learning what to share and how they would like to share it after being experienced with Foursquare it is easy to not share this information with everyone.

3. In my opinion people who use location sharing applications have always been the type of people that are open about things like that. Plenty of these applications exist and most people choose not to use them showing that only people that would be open about this no matter what not juts because the site offers it.

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